M&D Buildings recognize its obligation to the construction industry and to its clients. When deciding which renovation is best for your home, consider the following questions. What type of renovation does your home need? What kind of renovation will add the most value to your home? Finding a balance between these two factors is where you will likely find the best financial return and contentment with the final project.



Even the best-built and well-maintained homes may require repairs from time to time. They are especially necessary to prevent situations where foreseeable damage may occur.



An extra bathroom will always enhance the look of your home. If you are unsure that you have the space, please consult us at info@mdbuildings.ca.



repair01Family rooms and bedrooms are popular requests and always make a nice addition to your home. The task often involves extending walls, rearranging rooms or adding box-day windows. The investment in adding a room will likely pay off in the future.


There is no better way to safely invest your money than completing a basement finishing project. Remodeling the basement is the best way to increase your existing living space with an investment that will significantly pay back for itself over a relatively short period of time.