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Remodeling your Home- Create a New Look by Adding Extra Space to Your Home

Maybe it’s time to build the recreational area you’ve been dreaming of. Maybe a new family member is moving in. Or maybe your family has simply outgrown your home, and you want to extend your living space. Whatever the reason, a home addition will add an element of space as well as value to your property.

Although additions to your home is no small feat and while you may be excited at the possibility of adding this element of space to your home, like all other renovations, this requires a series of planning before construction can commence.

To get you started, here are some of the most important considerations to have while planning a home addition:

  1. Your Key Objectives

Before you begin planning your remodeling project, determine what kind of addition you are looking for. When you think of this renovation, how do you picture it in your mind? While having a home addition creates more space within your home, having your goals for the project laid out will bring your vision to life and lead us on the right path to get your vision there. In some cases, depending on your goals and visions, a home addition may not be the best route to bringing your vision to life. Whatever the case, our team can give you the best suggestions with one quick phone call of what you’re looking for.

Identify your goals and our team will help guide you in seeking whether a remodelling project is the best solution or if we can help you find an alternative that is cost friendly. If an addition is determined, the next step will be discussing design inspirations that would bring your vision to life.

  1. Your Budget and Financial Leverage

 Developing a budget before picking pegs and working on the design is the second step. The budget directs the design and not the other way around. Your plans would amount to nothing without effective budgeting!

Determine how much financial leverage you have. Whether you can finance the project with your savings or take a home improvement loan is another important matter to think about. To effectively manage your budget, you must be conscious of your priorities. Determine needs from wants and rank them according to their level of importance.

  1. The Design

Once you have your finances in order, it’s time to dive into the architectural and aesthetic details of your home improvement project. It goes without saying that the new addition must complement the original structure. More importantly, it should not only be beautiful but functional as well.

If you have some background in home design or experience in using home designing software, then maybe you’d like to draw up a layout on your own. Otherwise, it’s probably best to enlist the help of an architect.

  1. Property Lines and Available Space

One crucial factor one must take into account of while brainstorming your design is the available amount of space you can work with. There are instances when extending upwards instead of sideways makes more sense.

If you’re thinking of building out, picture how the new addition will affect the surrounding areas and what obstacles should be removed or relocated. We may have to work around trees, power lines, and utility poles among others. In any case, ensuring a comfortable amount6 of living space is vital.

  1. Inconveniences to Neighbors as Well as Yourself

Building a home addition can cause significant disruption not only to your lifestyle but to those living near you as well. The dirt, dust, and noise might cause discomfort to your neighbors. Consult or inform your neighbours of your plans in advance.

Before you proceed with your home extension project, discuss with your family and prepare a realistic timeline of the different phases of the remodeling. See that it fits with your schedule and does not overlap holidays and special occasions. Do not forget to add an extra few weeks to accommodate for possible delays.

  1. The Construction Team

There are plenty of ways to go about this. You can hire an architect, a designer, and then a contractor or you can go for a design-build firm for a complete package of services.

Though it’s tempting to go DIY at times, this may not always be the right approach. Home additions are complex and demand a high level of expertise.