Home Remodeling– Which Style To Pick Traditional Or Modern Or Transitional?

Want to build a new home or renovate but don’t know which style to choose? Are you bemused between a traditional style and a modern style? It is always a tug war to decide between a traditional style of comfortable furniture and classic design and a modern style of sleek clean lines? So, how about having a touch of both in the trendy transitional style? This style will be a great choice for you and allow you to have the best of both worlds.

Hiring a renovation contractor will help you in creating a seamless fusion of classic and contemporary style, and concoct an elegant luxury transitional style that will leave you in awe. The major benefit of creating a transitional home that offers the freedom to incorporate elements from different styles without compromising the aesthetic, worth, and quality is that it offers more freedom to incorporate your favourite elements.

Here’s an introduction to traditional and modern styles.
• Traditional style: The design style is influenced by the classic styles of old Europe. This style is emblazoned with elements such as wainscot, crown molding, coffered ceilings, chair rails as well as natural materials such as wood.

• Modern style: The focus is on clean-smooth lines, tapered legs, and crisp angles to create an open, airy feel. This style relies on the use of man-made materials, namely glass, metal, and concrete.

• The transitional style: It combines the soft lines and comfortable furnishings of traditional style with a blend of modern color palettes and stylish furnishings.

You can consider the following elements when creating your transitional style:
• Consider a neutral color scheme such as grey, sand, or white that follows the traditional style, but add some bold elements to create a contrast.

• Don’t go overboard with fancy woodwork. Keep ornate crown molding and wainscot away from modern rooms. It’s best to keep it simple.

• Transform your home with transitional style lighting using contemporary lighting. Lighting can have a profound impact on a room and fixtures are becoming more prominent as the offerings expand. As a focal point, utilize a contemporary chandelier or molten light.

So, what are you waiting for? If you are mulling to remodel your kitchen, bathroom, basement renovations, or any space within your home you must schedule a consultation with M & D Buildingsprofessionals. We will help you revamp your quirky style home into a transitional style that sweeps everyone off their feet.

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