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What Things You Should Know Before Starting Your Basement Renovation?

A basement can be more than just a storage space for your home. Many people refinish their basements and turn them into home theatres, craft rooms, playrooms, extra guest rooms, and more.  By turning your basement into a living space, you can ensure that your basement space doesn’t go to waste. Finishing your basement also boosts the property’s value. If you want a successful basement renovation, it requires proper planning. Before starting your renovation project, you should keep the following things in mind. 

Always Plan Before Starting the Renovation

One of the most essential things required for successful basement renovations in Mississauga is proper planning. Planning helps you foresee everything that you need to complete your basement renovation. With successful planning, you can avoid all the possible pitfalls. Planning will also help you create a budget. Knowing the budget beforehand will help you stick to it. 

Analyze The Holding Power of Your Building

Basements are part of your home foundation, making it essential to properly examine your basement.  You should look for if your basement has any cracked floors or walls, leaks, water leakage, sagging ceilings, and other suspicious electrical or plumbing issues. Detecting these issues before starting your basement remodelling is essential.

Water And Moisture Worries

Moisture is very common in basements because they are slightly below the ground level. In most of the basements, wetness seeped up from the grounds. The moisture can be seen as mild humidity or even large water puddles. Always pay attention to these moisture issues, and if possible, before starting any basement remodelling, try to fix these issues. While examining your basement, you should look for the signs of moisture, and if you find any of the following signs in your basement, try to fix it before basement renovation. 

  • Your basement feels very sticky
  • If you have had any water issues in the past
  • Notices any new water stains in your basement. 
  • Or if you can smell mold 

Drainage Requirements Of Your Basement

Before starting your basement remodelling project, consider the drainage system. For instance, if you decide to convert your basement into a bar or a kitchen, you should ensure your basement is connected to your home’s drainage system. You should take care of these issues beforehand to avoid future drainage challenges. 

Type And Intensity Of Lighting In Your Basement

Once you decide the purpose of your basement, you should plan for its lighting. Lighting is a vital part of your basement renovation work. If you plan to turn your basement into a room for entertainment, you can use less lighting. But if you plan to convert your basement into a workspace, you will need bright lighting. So, lighting will depend on the purpose of your basement. 

Choosing A Renovation Contractor

You have to think about who will renovate your basement. You should hire licensed commercial construction contractors. Ensure you review their portfolio and website to get an idea of how good they are. Always read reviews of past clients. 

Careful planning and consideration are essential before you start any renovation, whether it is your kitchen or basement. This valuable information will help you in a successful basement renovation. 

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