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What Are Major Components That Are Used in Construction?

When building commercial space, the first step is determining what construction is necessary based on the structure’s purpose. Once that decision has been made, the design should focus on efficiently utilizing space. In addition, any changes to the plan should consider the limitations associated with using construction methods, materials, and technology.

 The significant components of Commercial Construction are the following:

Roofing – Roofing systems use various materials, including metal, wood, ceramics, and plastic. Metal roofs are durable; however, they require specialized equipment and knowledge to install them correctly. Wood and ceramic roofs are easier to install and maintain than metal roofs. Plastic roofing is inexpensive and requires little maintenance since it does not rust. However, it does have some disadvantages. Plastics are susceptible to damage from high winds and ice.

Wall Framing – Wall framing is the internal support system of a building. There are many ways to build walls, but each method offers advantages and disadvantages. Conventional concrete block construction uses concrete blocks stacked in a uniform pattern. Stucco block construction involves applying stucco over a wall frame and troweling smoothly. Drywall is a sheet-like material composed of paper impregnated with phenolic resin. Drywall is lightweight and ideal for interior applications.

Floor Coverings – Floor coverings include tile floors, linoleum, and carpeting. Carpeting is often installed directly into a floor joist system. Linoleum is a rubberized fabric that creates a nonporous surface. Tile floors are solid surfaces that are laid directly onto the subfloor. Both linoleum and tile are easily cleaned and do well in wet environments. Carpets are soft and comfortable but provide poor traction.

Siding – Siding refers to the exterior finishing of a house. Exterior cladding consists primarily of vinyl siding, aluminum siding, stone veneer siding, and brick veneer siding. These materials protect the home’s exterior and add value to the property. Vinyl siding is low cost and durable. Aluminum siding is solid and resistant to weathering. Stone and brick veneers add character and beauty to homes.

Construction Materials – The choice of construction materials depends mainly on the use of the structure. Most Commercial Constructors Mississauga structures, especially buildings, require load-bearing materials and insulation. Load-bearing materials support the structure’s weight, while insulating materials keep out harmful elements like cold air or water. Steel and timber are examples of load-bearing materials. Insulation materials include fibre glass and cellulose.

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