What Type Of Work Does A General Contractor Do?

A general contractor (G.C.), sometimes known as a prime contractor in some regions, is the individual or business in charge of planning and executing projects including new home construction, significant construction operations, rehabilitation, demolition, building, restoration, and more. Most states require G.C.s to have a license, certification, and insurance.

When a landowner or developer prepares a project design and chooses a location, G.C. would be consulted. The role of the general contractor may be affected when an architect puts together a design team. Along with pre-design services, they frequently also contribute to the design process by offering their own design services. By doing so, they help to more precisely estimate the budget and boost the operation’s cost-effectiveness.

The general contractor hires subcontractors with various specialties after the project’s initial planning stages to contribute to various parts of the project. Subcontractors offering mechanical, plumbing, electrical, environmental, and other services may fall under this category. Bidding is a significant factor for building restoration contractors worldwide. G.C.s participate in a range of bidding procedures to secure projects.

General contractors: Requesting bids

Almost every G.C. is familiar with the bidding procedure. The bidding procedure entails competitively submitting offers to manage a building project for either a set price or a percentage of profit, regardless of whether the general contractor is in New Hampshire or anyplace else in the world. A bill of quantities, which is a list of the items and/or services the competing general contractors are expected to offer, typically serves as the foundation for the price proposal.

The cost per item is depicted in this list as precisely as feasible. To show reasonable pricing, the competing contractors frequently need to supply as much information as they can. Even while the bidding process is heavily influenced by price, it is frequently just one small component.

Design-Build Contracting

The design-bid-build technique is another typical bidding procedure in which an owner chooses an architect who then distributes construction documents to a group of general contractors who then submit bids on the project. They submit their estimated total project cost, including costs for supplies and the contractor’s fee, during the competitive bidding process.


Design-build bidding is yet another typical bidding procedure. With this approach, the design-build contractor—typically the general contractor or even the architect—handles both the design and the construction details. By merging the design and construction phases, this approach reduces project risk for an owner or real estate developer and accelerates the delivery timetable.

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